January – Slick gives birth to a daughter, who she and paul name China.

February – Compilation album, The Worst of The Jefferson Airplane, reaches #12 in the US.

April – Balin leaves the group, taking a year off before returning to produce the band Grootna for Columbia records in 1972, before becoming lead vocalist for Bodacious D.F. the following year.

May – Slick crashes her Mercedes into a wall near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. She is hospitalized briefly, causing Jefferson Airplane recording sessions to be cancelled.

July – Hot Tuna’s second album, First Pull Up Then Pull Down, makes #43 on the US charts.

August – Jefferson Airplane launches its own RCA distributed label, Grunt Records.

October – The first Grunt release, Jefferson Airplane’s Bark, climbs to #11 in the US, eventually earning a gold record. Bark makes #42 in the UK.