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Jefferson Airplane

Quiz Time: To which song do these lyrics belong?

"Everyday I try so hard to know your mind
And find out what's inside you
Time goes on and I don't know just where you are
Or how I'm going to find you"

Leave your answer in the comments below!
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She has Funny Cars track one on Surrealistic Pillow 😎😎😎😎

She has funny cars!!

Great Jefferson Airplane.... Grace was psychedelic queen... the best rock girl ever existed... A priestess from San Francisco scene!😍

Yes!! She Has Funny Cars!

Spencer Dryden's drum intro was used by The Wide World of Sports. "Trying to revolutionize tomorrow" was a very sixties lyric.

She has funny cars

She has funny cars. What an opening to a classic album!

wednesday 'decades' tv program will mention JA on their 1968 music review.

David Crosby peeking out?

Great song..great band..

She Has Funny Cars!

She has funny cars! 🤘

She has funny cars ♥️

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4 days ago

Jefferson Airplane

"It could mean drugs or it could mean open up your mind to information. Look around. It's not necessarily drugs." - Grace Slick on the meaning of "White Rabbit".

What did the song say to you? Watch Jefferson Airplane perform the hit at Woodstock:Grace Slick sings White Rabbit with Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock (aug. 17 1969). Grace Slick chante White Rabbit ave...
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I simply remember as a six year old knowing there was nothing else like “White Rabbit” on my crackling transistor radio.

I loved the JA poster "better living through chemistry" with the background being the Haight-Ashbury

It's all how YOU perceive it.

"One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small And the ones that mother gives you, don't do anything at all?" Are you sure this song is not about Drugs?

How come Hot Tuna are not in the rock and roll hall of fame (shame!)? Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady have been playing ass kicking rock and roll for over 50 years and were founding members of the great Jefferson Airplane.

Buuuut if you click on the link of her its literally the first post😂an everyone already knows what it means

MUCh better performance of the song than what would come in the following decade, for sure.

I think there's no need to explain such a great song

Awesome song love the beat and dance !!

La buena música tiene la posibilidad de expansión mental, así como la literatura,la poesía,el necesariamente las drogas.

🎼 Open your mind see pass the looking glass ! 🐇👁💋

🍄🍄 musics never about drugs... right?

" And you've just had some kind of mushroom " na, that's not psilocybin.

I see it as a simile between Alice through the Looking Glass and the general concept of taking various drugs to expand ones mind.


j aime surtout; somebody to love

Mushrooms 🍄

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4 days ago

Jefferson Airplane

Get the album that Rolling Stone described as, "The Airplane at their most defiantly psychedelic."

Add "After Bathing At Baxter's" to your vinyl collection today:
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Get the album that Rolling Stone described as, The Airplane at their most defiantly psychedelic.

Add After Bathing At Baxters to your vinyl collection today:


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Dont have to add it. Ive had it for 50 years or so.

"NO MAN IS AN ISLAND !!!!!........................(He's a peninsula. Heh, heh) That line pulled me in !

Sad that people are paying $32 for a record album (mostly digitally mastered too) these days. Their choice I guess. Maybe the same folks who pay $5 for flavored coffee. BTW someone should tell Friday Music that a track listing would be nice to see on the page when they're trying to sell an album.

Martha she keeps her heart in a broken clock and it's waiting there for me She weeds apart through a token lock; What a great thing to be free She weeps time, starts unspoken, but when the gate swings there she'll be, There she'll be: in green sun, on blue earth under warm running shower.

i have a sticker on my back window of my car of this album image. im gonna be bummed when i get rid of the car haha

Absolutely one of the very best albums. I listen weekly and have considered the R. Cobb cover art as a tattoo.

“Wars a business so give your son and I’d rather have my country die for me!” 50 years old and still relevant as ever.

The only way that thing could possibly get off the ground and stay airborne is to attach it to the bottom of a (non-Led) Zeppelin (or maybe a Mil Mi-26.)

Sorry, but Crown of Creation is JA's finest moment.

Won't you try/Saturday afternoon, probably one of my most favorite JA songs if not my favorite

One of my copies is autographed by Paul and Jack. I don't play it, of course.

To me, it's their Sgt Pepper.

Still play it. Sounds fresh and alive like it was just released.

Got it then always love it harmonies & Jack & Jorma freeform feedback

reckon all music would have been psychedelic if you were on LSD

In my humble opinion the Jefferson Airplane were the greatest band of all time. I saw them record a live album at the Fillmore East. BTW, why are Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady not in the rock and roll hall of fame (shame!) As Hot Tuna? They have been playing kick ass rock and roll for over 50 years! Hot Tuna belongs in there!

I thought this album art would be better for Sopwith Camel. Not my favorite cover but I've been lovin' the Airplane since day one.

Fly Jefferson Airplane gets you there on time

Love that album,so crazy...

I think that I have had it for about 45 yrs already .

Or After Washing At Webster’s.

I have it from when it first came out and it still plays really good

Why don't you try Saturday afternoon?

This, Pillow, and Pointed Little Head.

Have it. Vinyl.

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5 days ago

Jefferson Airplane

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latsamy phoundindong

Go ahead; Pull her finger...

Samantha Jones😘

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Jefferson Airplane

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What I am not a spam at all I all ways give them good messages

what's this? triad in the 2nd row looking like the crown of creation? nice video loop, by the way ... +



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