Your concert going reminiscences of the Winterland Aud

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Your concert going reminiscences of the Winterland Aud

Postby Lather69 on Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:40 pm

Hi there folks,
I'm a fiction writer and I'm currently working on an SF story that's set in San Francisco, circa '69/'70. The broad outline I've written so far involves the (time travelling from today) protagonist attending a concert at Winterland. Naturally, the headlining act is the Jefferson Airplane (playing "Have You Seen the Saucers?" which fits into the plot.) But I'm looking for some firsthand accounts about what it was like to attend a concert at Winterland. I've read a lot about how important a venue it was, I've seen both the Grateful Dead movie & "the Last Waltz" (both which show the insides of the auditorium), but haven't found a lot of really good descriptions about the experience of seeing a show there.

For instance, how big an auditorium was it? What was the crowd capacity? How well were facilities kept up? What it just an average concert auditorium, or was it decked on in swirling psychedelic day-glo patterns? Did undercover narcs bust people inside it? What was the surrounding neighborhood like? Any kind of telling details folks might remember about being at a show, I'd appreciate you sharing.

Also, is there any footage of the Airplane performing there? I've seen the "Go Ride the Music" special that shows the sound techs setting up, the first few happy audience members running in the door, and a soundless clip of Grace in concert. I was wondering if there's any more film footage of them performing there.
If anyone can help me out with this, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
Yerz, Joe.
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