Wolfgang's Vault Jefferson Airplane Page(s)

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Wolfgang's Vault Jefferson Airplane Page(s)

Postby Adam Walker on Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:38 pm

Hey Airplane Fans -

Check out Wolfgang's Vault AMAZING Jefferson Airplane Page(s) below:
Read about the band, buy some cool shirt designs, and listen to concerts and interviews all online at:
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Re: Wolfgang's Vault Jefferson Airplane Page(s)

Postby Egg Crisis on Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:43 pm

I know! There's some AMAZING things on there! I LOVE the Oct 1, 1966 show, especially High Flying Bird, Marty & Signe sound awesome on that one. One of my favourite JA shows.

Here's some notes I made on some of the shows on WV, for anyone who might be interested...

Oct 15, 1966. Signe's last show. With this we get both the early and late show, rather than just the late show that was previously circulating. It's complete too. The circulating one was incomplete - some swine had edited out the "Goodbye to Signe" parts.

Oct 16, 1966. Grace's first. Listening to this it's evident that the show we had before that we thought was Grace's first wasn't. The presence of Plastic Fantastic Lover should have been a dead giveaway that the previously circulating show was from the end of November'66 at the earliest, so far date unknown as it doesn't match any of the other shows on WV.

Nov 6, 1966 - Late Show, Set 1. This is the same recording as the one WV has as Nov 26, 1966 - Early Show. I'd say the Nov 26 date is the correct one.

Nov 25, 1966. Previously we only had the late show, WV gives us both sets, although WV's version is missing the final song "Somebody To Love".

Nov 27, 1966. We get a complete set. Previously we just had 2 songs that were performed afterwards so a photographer could take some photos.

Jan 8, 1967. Interestingly there's already a low quality recording of this. Here we get a different selection of songs.

Feb 5, 1967 - Early Show. This has been tampered with. It's O'Keefe Aug 4, 1967 with various little bits of tuning removed and an extra announcement of "Dino valente, QMS, etc coming up later" (very expertly!)edited in before the final song.

Aug 5, 1967 - Early & Late Show - O'Keefe Center. We already have a recording of one of the shows from this date and the WV recording matches neither. It doesn't match the one we have for the Aug 4th either. Before Two Heads in both sets there's an announcement of "Open-air all colour film-in, saturday & sunday, 10pm-midnight." If this recording was really Aug 5th (which was a Saturday), would Grace read out an announcement about some other event that was probably happening at that very same moment???
They played 8 shows spread over 6 nights (2nd & 5th also had early matinee shows), July 31-Aug 5th, 2 sets per show. Because of the aforementioned announcement, if this was from the 5th it would have to be the matinee show, in which case wouldn't Grace have said "tonight and tomorrow" (or "tonight and sunday") rather than "saturday and sunday"?? If it's not the 5th then my guess would be the 3rd, because when you write the dates sloppily, a 3 is most likely to look like a 5 than the other dates available.
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Re: Wolfgang's Vault Jefferson Airplane Page(s)

Postby CookOfTheHouse on Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:55 pm

signe's Last is amazing... she sang as if it was her last day on earth... just listen to her part on "Go To Her" she sounds so powerfull... it's because of that performance I think Grace would never match her... And Chauffeur Blues... darm that was amazing... Thanks to Wolfgang's vault!
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Re: Wolfgang's Vault Jefferson Airplane Page(s)

Postby Dormouse on Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:52 pm

Thanks for that link Adam.

I check it out. I hope that someone was able to improve the quality of some of the performances. I found something similar on SugarMegs website, but some of the audio was poor quality.
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Re: Wolfgang's Vault Jefferson Airplane Page(s)

Postby TakeMeOnYourFlight on Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:42 pm

There's also a really good '74 Jefferson Starship show on Wolfgang's Vault. The opening song, Ride the Tiger fades in but otherwise the sound quality is very good. The highlight is an excellent runthrough of side two of Blows Against the Empire. I bought a one year Vault membership and downloaded the show a few days ago and I've been playing it on my ipod often since.
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Re: Wolfgang's Vault Jefferson Airplane Page(s)

Postby Egg Crisis on Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:30 pm

Wolfgangs just added two more JA shows to the vault.

Mar 10, 1967, Early Show, Winterland
Sep 14, 1970, Fillmore West

Neither were new to me, although my version of the Sep 14th show was edited and had a song missing but the WV version seems to be complete.
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