Jefferson Airplane Newspaper Articles

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Jefferson Airplane Newspaper Articles

Postby SuperSlick66 on Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:46 pm

This is just one. I'll add more. :D

Airplane Success Story: Groovin' Together
Daily Review | Hayward, California | Sunday, August 24, 1969 | Page 61

NEW YORK (DPI) - Grace Slick, songstress-navigator for the Jefferson Airplane, was talking about what, it's like to really be on top."We're kind of dopey.'' she said. "We just record songs and RCA decides what will sell."It had been a frantic two days for the group. They had opened at Manhattan's Fillmore East the night before, playing until about 5 a.m., and the following afternoon, after two more sets at the Fillmore, there was a free concert in Central Park.

But despite the pressures and the excitement, it was quite evident that success has not spoiled the Jefferson Airplane. Collectively, the group still exudes that sort of San Francisco hippie nonchalance that says, I'll just do what I want and if you like it, groovy."The Airplane's reputation". Grace said, "doesn't really apply to us. Reputation depends entirely on who said what about you. It's really all a critics' thing. . . the people who write about rock. "Critics are the people who go out and find people for people to like."But Grace Slick's apparent disinterest with the critics did have its one telling flaw. She had a gripe: "I think a lot of the critics are wrong: they think they're judges."


But the little swipe was the only chink in an otherwise unbridled series of reflections on the current place of the Jefferson Airplane. What now? Would the Airplane make concessions — watering down content or music for the sake of dollars? "I don't know enough about music to make concessions like that." Grace said. "We do what we do because we like it."Her comment spurred Paul Kantner; guitarist and back-up vocalist to add that the Airplane does what it does "not because of what the sound will do to the audience but because of what it will do—period " "If the audience gets going, then we get going."


The Airplane, according t o Grace, who is the daughter of an investment broker, tends to view commercial success from a distance with a considerable degree of disinterest."I get no more involved in it (business activities) than I do when I read something in the
newspaper." she said. "So far as getting ulcers goes, how we're doing in record sales or something like that is about as important to me as my toothbrush." But being on top is fun for the Jefferson Airplane, even if they won't sign an affidavit to that effect.


"Being on top so to speak is a acombintation of so many things." Grace said. "Generally speaking the amount of force reaction you receive corresponds directly with the amount of force you put out."Sometimes it's not all of us that make it at the beginning of a show, but we get together and do something to one another."The Airplane usually gets together pretty well."We've got in groove together, that’s all. Kantner says."Other than that I don’t know what gets us there”.If the "grooving” ever stopped so would the Airplane.Grace was sure.

“To make it you’ve got to play a lot.” She said. “But that’s okay with us because when you love something you do it.” "If we didn't like it we wouldn't continue. Going on under conditions like that would be giving up nine-tenths of a mile for the sake of one tenth.
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