Aerie and Twilight Double Leader... meaningless?

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Re: Aerie and Twilight Double Leader... meaningless?

Postby EmbryonicRabbit68 on Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:59 pm

That's true, you can't be totally free, no matter what. Even if we shed everything in our lives down to our clothes, we're still a slave to our hearts and minds. The term freedom is a lot stronger than everybody thinks it is, and it's abused far too much. Especially in the United States, we throw it around as if we invented it, yet have lost the actual meaning of it. Now it seems to be as much a selling point as is the Summer of Love anymore.
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Re: Aerie and Twilight Double Leader... meaningless?

Postby PsychedelicRabbit on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:55 pm

Yes, exactly. :) Freedom sort's a word just tossed out there all the time. It's sort of a selling point, like you mentioned. It's come to the point to where it has lost it's meaning. If a group of people (GLBT community, for instance) in your country aren't free, then saying "the land of the free" is a lie, in my opinion.

Anyway. I think freedom is more of a feeling...though it's a temporary one. We're all slave to something. Freedom is just a nice word, imo.
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Re: Aerie and Twilight Double Leader... meaningless?

Postby TallyActor on Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:42 pm

I don't know. Regarding Twilight, I've always thought of it as a call to action, with a brief reference about something happening between Kantner and Slick. A common literary device in all creative work is to start with a small problem that parallels the bigger problem at hand. Like Dorothy starting out with her small town problems which expand into the larger, parallel problems when she gets to OZ (at least in the movie version you see this. Or like Luke Skywalker, a farm boy who (supposedly) has no family, but who dreams of bigger things. Eventually, he finds his family (Vader and Leia) and ends his rural boredom. Regarding the son, I see Conflict at home mirroring the conflict in society. Marching orders / no time for foolishness / come along with me mirroring the same ideas in social action. If nothing else, then just enjoy the song. My personal favorite is the 30 Seconds Over Winterland version. By the way, Feb 26th, 2011 Hot Tuna will be in Tallahassee at the Moon. And tentatively JS will be in Jacksonville on May 13th. I'll be at both. Carry the Fire!
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