JS With Mickey Thomas

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JS With Mickey Thomas

Postby Senor on Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:48 pm

Hi for a long time I have been down on that period of JS with Mickey T. Then I was debating w/ myself whether to buy the JS setlist book Have You Seen The Stars Tonight or whatever it is called. Anyway the writer left out all the shows with Mickey Thomas. That is an easy solution to avoid printing lots of lists of very similar sets many of which few current fans want to remember... But it leaves out a lot of great moments such as many fine performances of PK songs like Lightning Rose and other high points from the 1979-198? era.
I just listened to the JS show they did for the Vietnam Vets in 82. It is a great show even the Mickey stuff and the Bay Area crowd certainly enjoyed it.
Anyway when we start purging the JA or JS or HT stuff we would have to write out of history the 83 reunion HT tour, Kaukarano, SVT depending on ones taste, some aspects of KBC and the Blond Marty era generally...
Sorry I haven't edited my thoughts on this This is an ongoing rumination feel free to have your say
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Re: JS With Mickey Thomas

Postby JoeD80 on Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:00 pm

I have all the 80s stuff as well. Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra is there in '83 too! I was disappointed with the decision to leave the 80's part of the band history out of the book. It's unfortunate because I really love the concept of the book, but it's not 100% where it should be IMO.
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