Jefferson Airplane Bio

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Jefferson Airplane Bio

Postby Guest on Sat Dec 17, 2005 2:19 pm

i have volunteered to do a bio of jefferson airplane on another website, i was jsut wondering what yall thought so far, and what else i shud ad, thx in advance

Jefferson Airplane:

How it all started:
Jefferson Airplane was founded from the 23 year old Marty Balin (singer/major song writer). Balin saw folk with rock and decided to form a band with similar characteristics. Balin picked potential band members from a folk rock club. He picked Paul Kanter (singer/songwriter/rhythm guitar), who recommended Jorma Kaukonen (lead guitar/singer). Balin wanted a female singer in the band as well, which he found in Signe Toly. The band also had Bob Harvey (bass guitar), and Jerry Peloquin (Drums). The band name was originally a joke by Jorma Kaukonen, who called them Blind Thomas Jefferson Airplane. (By reference to a friend who was a singer in Blind Lemon Jefferson for more info about Blind Lemon Jefferson go to ... tist.jhtml) Jefferson Airplane made there first appearance at the Matrix (pizza restaurant transferred into a 100 seated music auditorium by Balin) in 1965, and then started to perform regularly at the Matrix. The record companies began to become interested because other folk rock bands were skyrocketing.

Changes were made in the fall; Jerry Peloquin was fired and replaced by Skip Spence, and Bob Harvey was also fired and replaced by Jack Casady. In September Signe Toly married and from then on was known as Signe Anderson (married Jerry Anderson). Incase any one is lost the line up is now Balin (vocals/song writer), Kantner (vocals/song writer/rhythm guitar), Anderson (female vocals), Kaukonen (lead guitar/vocals), Spence (drummer), and Casady (bass guitar). The band had there first recording session that winter, although it did not chart, the band began to travel to more
Venues in San Francisco. Anderson gave birth to her daughter in 1966, and caring for her child and performing became a challenge. Spence also became very addicted to drugs and became unreliable; leading to the band replacing him (Spence went to a band called Moby Grape Spence was replaced by a session drummer Spencer Dryden. Balin was able to find a replacement, Grace Slick, who joined in mid October 1966.

Charts Change:
The Band’s were not really big until 1967. They gradually went from the 120s to the 40s. After a month of being in the 40s they were in the top ten. Surrealistic Pillow was there first gold album.

Postby Guest on Sat Dec 17, 2005 2:20 pm

o yeah, dont worry im not finished yet

Here's a little...

Postby jimmie ray on Thu Dec 22, 2005 2:01 pm

Just a few points, from what I've read elsewhere, to help the accuracy - if you want to follow up...
"Blind Lemon Jefferson" was one of the first Texas/Mississippi area bluesman - very early 1900's. I would think that he performed alone - no group or additional singer. Jorma was nicknamed "Blind Thomas Jefferson Airplane" before Jefferson Airplane was formed - probably for his old blues style. The name somehow was modified to become the "Jefferson Airplane".
Jerry Peloquin more likely quit the group than was fired - supposedly he couldn't handle criticism and hit Paul Kantner before storming out of a gig, and was replaced on the spot by Skip Spence (who previously didn't have drumming experience).
Jack Casady was brought into the group by Jorma Kaukonen - they had played together long before Jefferson Airplane. You may want to note how they became "Hot Tuna", and still play together to this day!
Hope this helps!
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