JA sounding band: Stoned Circus

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Re: JA sounding band: Stoned Circus

Postby psychy on Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:10 pm

Susan Butcher wrote:The second side of What We Did On Our Holidays is about the nearest Fairport Convention came to an Airplane sound. Just a bit more folkish and a little less heavy, that's all.

(Bin Laden did remind me a bit of Fu Manchu or Emmanuel Goldstein, but I don't think he was completely fictional. He was already there, just asking to be cast as the Enemy Of The World. Sorry, that's going off the topic, but parallels between fiction, dreams, and what we think of as real life interest me.)

Yer right Susan...it IS getting way off topic, but I'm no yesman and will not back down from good honest DEBATING:):):)......will the next JA-sounding band pls stand up:)
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