Tolbooth/Nun reissues

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Tolbooth/Nun reissues

Postby eplex2 on Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:36 pm

Anyone know about the reissues of this album. I have ordered what is listed as a 2009 release by 'SBME Special Mkts.', in fact twice from Amazon (sent them both back) and now from Barnes and Noble; and in all cases I have received what appears to be the 1997 RCA/BMG release. I can't find anything in all the packaging or your liner notes that indicates this is actualy the 2009 release. Is it pure coincidence and I received these all by mistake (highly unlikely), or did the 2009 SBME release simply copy all the '97 graphics with no indication of it being a 2009 re-release?

Also, if it is in fact a release new to 2009, was the music remastered then?

Course back in '73 I had the record, with that great, big cover...wonder where that got off to.

Thhis also brings up the there a catalog source for some of these albums more directly from like, the Jefferson family rather than the Amazon/Barnes etc. sites? Similar to Relix ordering and all that?

thanks all...Pete
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