Ashley Roachclip

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Ashley Roachclip

Postby fairlane500 on Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:00 pm

Hi, This may have been brought up before, but does anyone remember the old Cheech and Chong comedy skit (on a record, Big Bambu, I think) where Ashley Roachclip of the Jefferson Hairpie is the spokesman for Acapulco Gold Filters (just a stoney 3 hits longer!). "Ashley" sounds quite stoned during the skit as he keeps clearing his throat (hey, that's right, man) I hadn't heard it in years. I just heard it again a few days ago. I wonder if any Airplane fans have heard it. Who would Ashley Roachclip refer to? My guess would be Paul Kantner, if it even refered to a member of the band. These comedy albums came out around '69 or '70, so the 'Plane was still A High Flyin' Bird! :D
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