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Re: The Jefferson Airplane Video Archive Topic!

Postby Smiley on Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:04 am


I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the 'Plastic Fantastic Video' series that was traded on tape during the mid 1990s. The videotapes were updated with a 6 x VCD version in 1996, the tracks of which are listed below. I could upload the more descriptive artwork if I'm told how to add attachments, but I don't still have the discs.

Disc 1:
1. Excerpt from a Bill Graham documentary 0:02:15
It's No Secret
2. White Rabbit promo clip 1967 0:02:30
3. American Bandstand 1967 0:02:30
White Rabbit
4. Monterey Pop 1967 0:05:50
High Flyin' Bird

5. Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour June 25 1967 color 0:06:40
White Rabbit
Somebody to Love

6. Something Else British TV 1967 color 0:11:00
White Rabbit
Two Heads
The Ballard of You and Me and Pooneil
(mimed, 'recorded during brief European tour in 1967').

7. Bouton Rouge French TV 1967 b&w 0:03:00
Somebody to Love
8. Greasy Heart promo film March 1968 color 0:03:35
9. Swedish TV August 1968 b&w 0:01:55
10. Ed Sullivan Show broadcast September 28 1968 color 0:09:00
rehearsal: Won't You Try
rehearsal: Crown of Creation (backdrop film)
TV Broadcast: Crown of Creation

11. Paul & Marty 1968 0:0:20
12. Schulyler Hotel NYC November 1st 1968 0:07:40
House at Pooneil Corners
13. Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour November 10 1968 0:13:00
Crown of Creation

14. Fillmore East November 26 1969 0:04:15
White Rabbit (part)

15. Fillmore The Motion Picture 1971 0:02:40
Montage, no audio

Disc 2:
Woodstock August 17 1969 color 0:21:40
Pre Concert footage
Intro to Other Side of This Life
Somebody to Love
White Rabbit
Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
Uncle Sam Blues

Dick Cavett Show August 18 1969 color 0:55:30 (whole show)
We Can Be Together
Somebody to Love with D Crosby
Also Joni Mitchell, Stephen Stills.

Disc 3:
Altamont December 6th 1969 color 0:06:35
Other Side of This Life
Kralingen Pop Festival June 27 1970 color 0:12:15
Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
Interviews B Thompson, Paul, Grace
White Rabbit
The Ballard of You and Me and Pooneil

Dick Cavett Show March 26 1970 color 0:44:10 (whole show)

Disc 4:
A Night at the Family Dog (subsequently released)
Voodoo Chile - Classic album series on Hendrix. Jack Casady speaks.

Disc 5:
Go Ride the Music (subsequently released)

Disc 6:
Blues in Technicolor 0:54:02
Interviews with Paul & Grace
Still Flying with Jefferson Airplane
Reunion tour VH-1 broadcast

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Re: The Jefferson Airplane Video Archive Topic!

Postby redrabid on Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:02 pm

If you want to view the Jefferson Airplane documentary "Still Flying" (mentioned in the post above) on the 1989 reunion , somebody named Pooneil uploaded it last year on youtube. Interviews and fragments of performances. Pooneil's channel has a few other interesting videos among which Jefferson Airplane and Stevie Wonder (!) and a disastrous "Volunteers" by Marty Balin at the Fur Peace Ranch.
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Re: The Jefferson Airplane Video Archive Topic!

Postby redrabid on Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:44 pm

And if you want to hear Grace Slick counting to ten, her contribution to the first season of Sesame Street:
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