Paul Kantner's Rickenbacker 336/12

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Paul Kantner's Rickenbacker 336/12

Postby rickbeat on Sat Feb 19, 2005 9:03 pm


My name is Björn Eriksson. I run a website about Rickenbacker guitars and basses. I also run a small auction site, mostly Rickenbackers there, too.

Now I have a 1968 Rickenbacker Model 336/12 up for auction. This one was made for Paul Kantner. I thought that someone might be interested in this forum or maybe know of someone who is.
Please welcome to visit my site rickbid - online guitar & music auctions,
You will find a link to the guitar on the opening page. The guitar is a Model 336/12 with a converter comb.

For even more Rickenbacker information, welcome to Björn Eriksson's Rickenbacker Page,

Take care

Welcome to Björn Eriksson's Rickenbacker Page

rickbid - online guitar & music auctions
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Paul Kantner's336/12

Postby noelpne on Tue Apr 26, 2005 4:48 pm

Hey rickbeat,
Hozabout 'tagging-on' about Hagstrom Swedish guitars.
Why ? Er, because you're Swedish, they are Swedish, they are a funny kind of plastic, and, Jimi Hendrix played one occasionally, that's "All". :wink:
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