Posts from 1969: Grace is Far Out!

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Posts from 1969: Grace is Far Out!

Postby chaddgar on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:16 pm

[originally posted by LordCaptain, October 30, 1969:]

Hey fellow hippies!

I just got back from San Fran and saw the Airplane in concert. I'm telling you, Grace is dreamy far out chick, let me tell you!

After their show, I got to meet the band, and Grace said she liked the stars in my eyes! I don't know what that meant, but hey, at least she now knows I exist!

They're headed out east later in November, and maybe I can hitch myself a ride out there. If anyone in the L.A. area is lookin for a "trip", let me know. And before you ask, I'm a "Gas" kind of guy! No crazy ideas!

Keep in easy,

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