Grace's Somebody to Love improvs

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Grace's Somebody to Love improvs

Postby JoeD80 on Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:41 pm

Here's a question,

Does anybody have written down somewhere all the random stuff Grace sings during live performances of Somebody to Love? There's always that part where she just improvs whatever's on her mind before it goes back to "your eyes may look like his."

Some examples

At Woodstock she keeps saying "It's morning...yes it's morning".

If you have the Volunteers expanded edition she says something about "they're waiting for you outside in an unmarked car".

In the show from September 14, 1970 she goes on and on (this is as best as I could figure out what she said): "If you find yourself locked in your room with bars on the window, and you have no way out, have no way of getting out, all you need to do is walk out the door, but some people aren't so fortunate, they have to have a vial, they have to have some dynamite, they have to have someone get them out. The man is all chained down...chained down...chained down. Nobody knows. Nobody knows where that man's gone. Goodbye to you four-square. I said good-byeeeeeee to you four-square. I've been singing so long, I'm tired of you. Singing so long I got so tired of you. Been looking in to your eyes for about four months now, and I think I'm gonna leave you, gonna leave you, time for me to leave. Time for me to leave. Your eyes. Yourself. Your eyes. Your gun. Your gun. Your gun. Especially, your gun. Your gun...may look like his...."

It would be interesting to see all of the improv bits in the middle of Somebody to Love that she did.
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Re: Grace's Somebody to Love improvs

Postby Dormouse on Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:38 pm

Grace's improvs are my favorite part of the song. They really give Somebody to Love some life.

Somebody to Love was probably their most famous song next to White Rabbit, and I'm sure their was a high depend for them to play it at all of their performances. After playing the same song over and over again, it is good to see Grace change it up.
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