Original Masters/Expanded CDs

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Original Masters/Expanded CDs

Postby LatherPCL on Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:46 pm

I am a great fan of CD reissues of classic LPs and the recently released(2003-2004, I think) CDs of the first 6 Jefferson Airplane LPs are some of the best LP to CDs I have ever heard. I can tell these CDs weren't rushed and it makes it even better to have bonus tracks with "Go To Her(Versions 1 and 2)" and "Would You Like A Snack" being among the best of the bonus tracks. I just thought of something: Is "The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane" among these same reissues or is it separate? I have found a 2 disc reissue of "Long John Silver" and "Bark" and an expensive import of "30 Seconds Over Winterland". Should I get "LJS", "Bark", and "30 Sec. Over Winterland" now or is there a chance that they could release "Origina Masters/Expanded" releases of these LPs as well? And one last question: What is your opinion of the most recent reissues of the JA LPs? Do you agree with my thoughts on them or have something to add?
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