Memories of Airplane encounters

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Memories of Airplane encounters

Postby VioletSky3 on Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:48 pm

After I found this site, I began remembering some of my 'close encounters' with Airplane members and those associated with them.

My first memory...when I was 15, I was hanging out at Piece 'O Pizza in Hollywood. This blond chick came in, very pretty, very friendly. She sat at my table, I said 'hi' and we chatted. When I asked her what she did, her reply was, 'Oh, I handle publicity for Jefferson Starship.' Turns out this was the lovely Cynthia Bowman. She looked like a model, and she was very nice.

Soon after, I wrote to Ivan Wing...just on a whim. I very politely asked if he had any extra family photos of Grace, and 2 weeks later I received several with Grace (about 6 years old) dancing in what looked to be a ballet, one with Grace and her brother Chris (at Christmas; she was about 9), one from her wedding to Skip (China was flowergirl), and one that turned out to be the polaroid from the interior sleeve of 'Spitfire...Grace in a white dress, with a long wig.

After that, in 1990 I was at two Airplane reunion concerts. At the Greek Theater I went backstage and met the very friendly Jack Casady. What a nice guy! In fact, the only Airplane member who WASN'T at all nice was Marty. Perhaps he was having a bad night.

Those are the only memories that come to mind for now. But it's cool to share them somewhere they'll be appreciated.

Love to you all!
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