New article on original drummer Skip Spence

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New article on original drummer Skip Spence

Postby jakeswearingen on Wed Oct 17, 2007 2:09 pm

Hi guys. We've got an article up about Skip Spence and his psychedelic masterpiece, Oar, up at: ... px?id=3544

A brief sample:
Towards the end of recording Grape’s second album, Wow, in New York, Spence was checked into Bellevue Mental Hospital after splitting open his fellow bandmates’ hotel room door with a fire ax, reportedly after ingesting far too much LSD. When nobody was on the other side of the splintered mess he decided to take his sharp instrument of choice over to the studio. Luckily, he was subdued before he could cause any real harm and subsequently spent six months in Bellevue, diagnosed as schizophrenic. The day he got out he drove a motorcycle all the way to Nashville to record his first and only solo record—the eccentric and unhinged 1969 masterpiece, Oar.

Hope you guys dig it as much as we do!
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