Can the fine people of the U.K. explain any postage tax,

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Can the fine people of the U.K. explain any postage tax,

Postby craigtheairplaneman on Sun Dec 10, 2006 1:19 pm

Hi to the fine fans of the U.K.:

I am sorry for not knowing this in advance.

As you are aware Amazon U.K./Germany/France/Japan was to have the book listed the same time as Amazon US.

I got emails that many people (Thanks so much) from the U.K. purchased the book through the Amazon site. One guy posted on the A-Deck Jefferson Starship site that people have to pay a tax/duty.

A fan emailed the bill from Amazon to me and showed the cost of the book and the postage. There was no mention of a tax. Amazon offered 3 postage price points to better serve the nice people of Europe and that was it.

Did I miss something or did the guy on A-DECK tell something that isn't the truth?

Thank you all and may every fan in Europe/Asia/Africa have a wonderful holiday season to go along with the fine folks of North Amercica.

Be well and sorry if I am old and confused,
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