Solar System Radio For The Holidaze (Jeffersons Included)

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Solar System Radio For The Holidaze (Jeffersons Included)

Postby John K. on Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:02 pm

Hi:.. The freeform music playlist at Surf City Sounds Plus has
changed....The soundscape turns to the holidays with old audio favorites and
some obscure ones to trim the tree by. We also mix in expansive space
music to celebrate the forthcoming early December Discovery shuttle flight
to continue the building of the international space station.....The
eclectic file may spill in places here and there too... Can ya hear me?
:)! Enjoy!
Best Regards! John B. Krug

Yes, you can turn me me on! I'm on the radio!
Surf City Sounds Plus:
Yes! You Can Turn Me On At Surf City Sounds Plus!
John K.
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