Getting the Signe help message out

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Getting the Signe help message out

Postby craigtheairplaneman on Fri Nov 03, 2006 7:11 pm

Hi fellow flyers:

Happy weekend.

I wanted to get the message into as many hands and eyes as possible for Signe's fund. On My Space I posted on the Airplane board, a Grateful Dead and a Classic Rock.

Even if 1 person donates, she is that much better off.

Thanks and please if you haven't given even 1.00, consider it. When you know a person and feel the pain in their voice, it goes right through you.

Having my dad in the hospital/rehab/hospital for the last 7 weeks I have so much empathy for those in need.

Always be well,
Airplane Man
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Thanks for flying with the J.A.
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