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Paul AND Marty

Postby Do A Line on Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:28 pm

Paul and Marty along with David Freiberg(Quicksilver Messenger Service), and Tom Constanten(Grateful Dead) will be at BB Kings NYC Thursday Aug. 11. It looks like it's going to be a great 40th birthday party! I guess you can call it a JeffersonQuickDead Party! Do
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bbkink, nyc

Postby paul on Thu Aug 11, 2005 8:35 pm

just came back from the show. well, i had mixed feelings. i grew up with JA and then JS - always my favorite band; always will be, even though i imagine ill get a lot of crap about my posting.

overall, show was great - but i thought the 2 female singers really were unprofessional and silly on stage - i found diana's comments completely immature and many times she seemed to be trying to be the center of attention. she really came across like a hippie girl wannabee - hey, just be yourself - you werent at golden gate park in 66/67, and you never will be, so get over it.

people came to see the JA/JS - the 2 singers have nice voices - i suggest they just sing, and keep their comments to themselves - if she said one more time " this is f-----g marty balin"; i think marty must have been pretty embarrased.

and pauls comments about NYC " needing a HISPANIC mayor, instead of Goldberg" - well, that was pretty insensitive, and actually anti-semitic. Just because Paul wasn't allowed to smoke a cigarette on stage (thats the law here, thank god), doesnt mean he knows much about our mayor( his name is Bloomberg, not Goldberg. Hey Paul, I really found those comments disappointing - love your music man, but just because you wanna smoke a frickin cigarette, doesn't mean you have to demean our mayor - if you knew anything about him, he is a pretty decent guy that has done a good job for the city. its a pleasure not having to come out of a concert smelling like a cigarette, and filling my lungs for hours with that crap that the big cigarette corporations have pushed down our throats for 100 years now. hey paul - its never too late to give up that foul habit!

Marty and David Freiberg were total class act - it was worth it to see them

comments on last night

Postby Barbara on Fri Aug 12, 2005 3:58 am

I was at the reunionlast night and I couldn't agree with you more. I think that we may have a consensus on opinions as most of the people I spoke with felt the same way......loved the band but the two female singers were totally out of place. Their antics on stage were inappropriate and they should have just stuck to what they were there sing. I have seen the band play BB KIng previously and they were not quite as out of control....maybe only one of them is needed.......I guess it takes two, so they think to replace GRACE. Takes alot more than what they offered.....I personally feel that Marty was embarrassed by the girls......paul was indifferent to their antics..he was into his music.

If I could block out the kids.............would have been sensational!


Postby paul on Fri Aug 12, 2005 2:44 pm

barb: glad you agreed. i brought a friend who didn't really know too much about the ja/js - she was totally embarrased and put off by Diana's sex kitten act on stage. if she played with her hair one more time, my friend wanted to go up there and yank on it!

I do have to say that in spite of them (and they sang pretty well at times; I especially like how Darby belted out the blues song from MAHOLE), I really enjoyed the show - pretty terrific.


Postby Do A Line on Sat Aug 13, 2005 4:53 am


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Get Together
Saint Charles
Wooden Ships
Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
Count On Me
Viva La Vita
War Movie
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We Can Be Together
Better Lying Down
When the Earth Moves Again
Pride of Man
Plastic Fantastic Lover
white Rabbit
Somebody to Love

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When We Were Lovers

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Offended by the female singers?

Postby Do A Line on Sat Aug 13, 2005 5:03 am

At one time JA had a female lead who performed dressed as Hitler, performed on national television in black face. Went topless at a show because she didn't want the rain to stain her top. As JS created a riot in Germany because she was drunk and blamed the Germans for behaving badly in WW2. and you were OFFENDED by two girls having a good time because Marty was back after a 4 month hiatus? You've been living under the Bush Boy's regime too long.
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Postby paul on Sat Aug 13, 2005 4:49 pm

im not comparing them to grace - she did some pretty whacky things in her time - im just saying diana in particular came across like a stupid, childish bimbo on stage, with her embarrasing loud mouth - apparently she has done this many times before - i dont wanna here her ranting about hippies, f----ng new yorkers, f----g marty balin, etc...... she had NOTHING to say - she just flapped her lips alot and made a fool of herself, and embarrased the legends on stage - i dont get why they don't see that. and i really don't care if you think i am a bush supporter, which i am far from - she was an idiot on stage.

i was there when grace went topless - now that was a revilutionary act!

im gonna go listen to some JA albums

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