1970 Photo

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1970 Photo

Postby adjake105 on Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:57 pm

Newbie here:

I have a non-promotional photo of the band from Aug, 1970. The photo is signed, but in pen, which is fading (no sharpies yet!). The photo is in excellent condition. The band is sitting on some steps in front of what appears to be the "band" house. Attached to the photo is a signed letter, addressed to my family, from the band's lawyer, William Coblentz, who may have taken the photo but cannot be confirmed. Among Coblentz's other clients were the Grateful Dead and Patty Hearst. The letter is also in excellent condition. Can anyone tell me the value of these two items? Or where to go to find the value? So far I have had limited success in that department.

Help is appreciated so please send me a note with your ideas.

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