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Postby sasquatch on Wed May 11, 2005 3:48 am

do any of you wonder why there isnt really a big counter culter movement now. i feel the formula is right. there is a controverseal war going on. what i dont understand is why more people arent trying to do something to stop it. and why people believe that son of a bitch bush. why are people letting him fuck over america and the world?

Postby Dr. Strange Love on Wed May 11, 2005 7:30 pm

Ive been working on a theory in the past few months..

There is cycles that society goes through. Look at the sixties, they had a huge counter culture, and then the seventies, well I (and this might just be me) cant think of anything good and interesting that happened in that decade except disco(yuck!). Then the eighties came around and thats when punk got really big(with hardcore in the early part then that evloved into crustpunk, which was extremely politcal, with most of its followers being anarchists) and lots of stuff going on against Regan and the coldwar. The ninties didnt really give us to much excitment, Gulf war and thats about all I can think of at the moment. Now we are in the 00's and well Im waiting for some big counter culter movement to spring up. But you must take in mind that the media doesnt like to give much coverage to couter culter movements.

Well I myself am part of a highly political group of people here in Minneapolis Minnesota. There are lots of punks in Minneapolis and there has been since the late eighties. I know dozens of anarchists that I attend all of the rallies marches with and we really dont like the current state of things. And we arent about to let him fuck over the world, but the media and capitalist machine are just too powerful. The apocalypse is just in front of our faces and the majority of the people living in the country are blissfully unaware, while driving their SUV's to Starbucks.
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Postby Dr. Strange Love on Wed May 11, 2005 7:34 pm

Dr. Strange Love


Postby sasquatch on Thu May 12, 2005 3:53 am

im from faribault! theres some protest here every saterday infront of the court house that my friends and i take part in but lets not let the fuckers take over!

Postby JA MAN on Thu May 12, 2005 7:45 pm

hey, I actually agree with most of Bush's actions, such as the move into Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush's moves were right as he had the evidence, i dont belive he would realease it to the public (many protest this), but i would belive that Bush and his councel would not want the public to know everything in their best intrest. Osama Bin Laden and the other terrorists (Saddam included) should be stopped. They are a threat to the free world, and terrorism is not something that most people want. I belive that the way they handled iraq in some aspects was wrong, such as ordering a mass invasion, i would have simple sent in a small team to "remove" the key people, but then again, thats my opinion, i may be wrong, this is what i know from watching the news and having and understanding of military strategies and conflicts from before, the United States publicized it way to much, they shoulda snuck in and done it, i no some of you many think its wrong, and who are we to remove him, but the evidence was there, and i belive if he had the support from the UN, he should have done it.

Anyways, that just my view, i'd love for you guys to post your feeling towards this, i think im a pretty open minded kinda person


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Postby noelpne on Fri May 13, 2005 8:02 am

I'm from the U.K. - and at present the feeling towards Tony Blair is any-
-thing but United - which is why the general public have just returned him to " Ten Downing Street " - with a very much reduced majority.
Personally I beleive he lost the confidence of the Public by (a) Beleiving
the misinformation he was given about Hussein being able to attack the
U.K. in 45 minutes ----[ there were no missiles found] or (b) Instead
Fabricating the 45 minute story so he could go in with the U.S. forces
into Iraq anyway. What he should have said to the British Public was " I'm in charge and I beleive this man should be taken out as he is a tyrant " - instead he tried to scare us into agreeing to go-in.
It's a real mess as there are more people dying because of suicide bombs strapped to their chests NOW than in the official war. It could have been
sorted-out properly in the Gulf War under Dubbya's dad & John Major -
- instead, the Allied Tanks stopped short & spared the B*st*rd.

I wish George Bush had got the backing-not just in the N.Y. building
but out in the Battlefield too - of the U.N. I think that he thinks they are a bunch of softies. But WE ALL make up this organisation & it's an
organisation that we can make hard or tough-it's up to us. The trouble
is now that the World sees the U.S. as the worlds 'unofficial' playground
monitor -when really there should be a proper multinational peace-keeping force. The other thing that make the rest of the world think
America is the Big 'I AM' is that it seems to get involved when there are
Reserves of Oil there - but in places like Kosovo and the Central African
Republic, Zimbabwe and the Congo - Uncle Sam doesn't wanna know.

As far as Osama is concerned - no-one knows where he is and he's still out there----and should be caught and stopped. And the country that
is sheltering him ( if its proven their Government knows & does not help the Fight Against Terrorism ) - penalised in some way. And rewarded
if that Government DOES HELP this fight.
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Postby jimihendrix on Fri May 13, 2005 1:10 pm

i fully agree noelpne :)
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Postby sasquatch on Mon May 16, 2005 3:47 am

i think that sadam and asama need to be stopped but all this propoganda and lies is horrible. not allowing people to voice there opinions in jurnalism and arguing about the first amendment is bull. we need to be able to say what ever we want when we want. and the fucker shouldnt be drillin in alaska.

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Postby noelpne on Mon May 16, 2005 8:21 am

In the English National Press we don't get any of this
"First Amendment Protest Stuff" - that you seem to be going on about,

(I'm presuming that you are on about The Right to Free Speech here )

I will give you a Web-Site Contact that could help you ' spread the word '
on this issue, tomorrow .

This Oil in Alaska thing - from what Ive seen about it - the Oil Company
is destroying the Inuits traditional way-of-life. I think its B.P.
Another Multinational not-giving-a-flying-one , eh?
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Postby Shadow_of_A_Doubt on Mon May 16, 2005 8:46 am

I really dont think this is the right place to mix politics with thoughts on the Airplane in the same forum. It only turns people against each other and before we know it the forum strays away from whats its all about. Without trying to kick sand into anyones face, for the record i voted for Mr Bush as President and I to this day think hes doing a good job in iraq with what hes had to work with. France not backing the US until saddam was tossed out, Canada staying out of it also. In this post 9-11 society we live in , in order to keep the ACLU quiet about racial discrimnation against people from the middle east, I think this conflict was more then justified. Mistakes were made, they always are during wars. But Mr Bush did say to Saddam weeks and days before launching this " On behalf of the world , Step down as Iraqs President and allow wepons inspectors to see everything or you will suffer " I think it was one of world wide Union addresses. He then repeated this on his radio address, then again on television. Saddam refused , so this is what its led to. this. His speech was almost word for word from what he had said to the taliban in afganistan a year earlier. " Give up bin ladden and close the terror training camps or you will suffer the same fate as the terrorists who feel the need to kill and or kidnap people to make a point" They refused and america crushed the taliban in a matter of days. I am totally behind what hes doing, the news never reoprts the massive food and water shippments that america and other countries send daily to iraq, they dont report the people who are actually glad america stepped in after almost 30 years of saddams brutal oppression. They are bombing american military convoys because they have lived under such poor dictatorship because they dont know any better. The UK and America have no interest in that part of the worlds real estate and after Iraq can defend itself Blair and Bush say the armies will leave. But for now its a free for all over there and if we pull out now, it will show that not only Iraq cant handle its own issues but that the UK and america is weak, so more of these terror cells will migrate to the UK and america and upon called to, we will have another tragity like 9-11 again either in the UK or in america, since the ACLU watches closely how many middle easterners move to america for political asylum. I totally back Bush on this thing in iraq, but again, this isnt the place to fight about this stuff.
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Postby noelpne on Tue May 17, 2005 4:42 am

F.A.O. Sasquatch.

That Web-Site Contact is:-

Hope this helps!
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Postby sasquatch on Thu May 19, 2005 3:44 am

thanks for the info noelpne

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