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Postby CookOfTheHouse on Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:05 pm

Has anyone ever seen any documentary about Janis Joplin? I've been watching some and I just can't stand 'em... I used to like her a lot but people stating "She was the first woman ever to go on stage and play rock" or stuff like that or that she was the only one who had strong lyrics or that she was the best performance on the Monterey Pop Festival... what the hell is wrong? Are this people trying to erase Grace from our memories or what? Grace wasn't even the first woman on rock, I'd say Signe was (am I wrong? Maybe Mama Cass & Michelle), nobody wrote more in-your-face lyrics than Grace and come on, Ball 'n' Chain was a huge performance on monterey but nothing ever tops High Flyin' Bird... Is everyone blind just because Janis died and Grace didn't? Why is it so important to die? No album featuring Janis Joplin is as good as any Airplane album, or even The Great Society. The musicians on the Airplane were gods, and still bands like The Doors get far more recognition. I'm starting to think it's because Morrison died... Why?
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