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Postby psychy on Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:50 pm

I think that one song cannot change the world either....that's why I do not like cheesy tunes like Scorpion's Wind of Change where, according to them, after the fall of the (obnoxious!!) Wall, the world would have been a better place :twisted: :twisted: ....NOT only isn't it a better place, but it has worsened triple-wise!!!:):).
Having said that, my thoughts go to the American people (whom I respect very much) when they elected Reagan in the 80s and his INfamous colleague Bu$h in recent times!!:)......I think Americans Have a short memory because they had THEIR OWN LITTLE Revolution where they KICKED out KIng George's the REvolution should NOT be a "dirty" word nor should it be banned from the peoples' speech:):)

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