Janis Joplin talks about "Marty"

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Janis Joplin talks about "Marty"

Postby plueschinger on Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:46 pm


I hope you can help me.

So what happened, I heard on sugarmegs.org some Janis concerts.
And in one concert, she started to talk about "Marty".
In the beginning, I didn't thought about him (Balin),
but a short time later Janis and her band started a really bad
song, that sounded like "white rabbit" and I have in mind, she also
mentioned "white rabbit" before she started singing.

So my problem now is, which show was it?
There are several shows, but I think, it was a show from 67
with "big brother and the holding company".
I don't think, it was from 66, and I don't think, it was the
Kozmik Blues Band, but who knows.

So anyway you can find all the sugarmegs shows with the letter j here:

This means you find all JA shows I know and can listen to them or download them
and the same with theJanis shows too.

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