Airplane,Beatles & Stones

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Airplane,Beatles & Stones

Postby Stargazer on Thu Jan 27, 2005 5:47 pm

Hello everybody,
Just wanted to know if the Airplane knew the guys from Beatles and the Stones personally. I've read once about McCartney meeting Slick and Casady when visiting San Francisco,but there weren't many details about it. Maybe you all know something more?

Postby Alice on Thu Jan 27, 2005 6:33 pm

Hmm, I think it's a very likely possibility that they knew one another, or at least met each other.
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Postby Bloodshed Bob on Thu Jan 27, 2005 8:08 pm

They played together with the Rolling Stones in the documentary 'Gimme Shelter'.
I thought they were the only 2 bands that evening, but maybe I'm wrong on this one.
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Postby VoodooChile in Wonderland on Sat Jan 29, 2005 2:34 am

The whole bill was Jefferson Airplane, Rolling Stones, Carlos Santana, Tina Turner, The Grateful Dead, The Flying Burrito Brothers, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. What a bill!

Mick Jagger was Grace's idol in the 60's but Grace called him a clown in the 90s

Brian Jones and Jack met @ Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 they met with members of Quicksilver

Grace made a painting of the Glimmer Twins

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Airplane, Beatles & Stones

Postby noelpne on Wed May 18, 2005 3:17 am

I think Geroge Harrison was at the ' Monterey Pop ' Festival. Not sure
if Macca was as well.
George MUST have met them there backstage, I'm guessing.
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Postby JPPMcStepBBlues on Wed May 18, 2005 7:33 am

I read about a story when Paul McCartney was in San Francisco with Jack Casady and they smoked DMT and jammed together. I can't imagine Paul trying to keep up with Jack though........
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Paul,Grace, Mick

Postby Do A Line on Thu May 19, 2005 2:06 pm

Paul and Grace went to London and met with Mick at his house to discuss the logistics of the Ca. show. (Grace Slick, Somebody To Love page 145) Do
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