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Re: ONE Single Simple Question !

Postby Dormouse on Wed May 14, 2008 9:40 pm

Chasin-Destiny wrote:To Dormouse & Friends, did you read a little bit of the Sara topic ?
Because i would like to know something about it ! 1 Single Simple Question !

The Sara topic is THE BEST example on this forum about people and their
behavior in relation to drugs, and about their behavior in relation to women.

Jefferson Starship - Sara ,videoclip on Youtube.

The link to that topic...

Did i "destroy" THAT topic ? a simple YES or NO ...
That's what somebody wrote here...

THAT answer would say a LOT about YOU !
And if you don't like to read it, don't answer.
Again it would say a LOT about you.

I have read the topic, and I can say that the topic is disgusting. Although most of your posts have been edited, MGS was the one to ruin that thread by what he posted. I am not on MGS's side with this! He is an idiot, and I don't have to answer to what he did. But when you wrote this, I got lost:

"...The Sara topic is THE BEST example on this forum about people and their
behavior in relation to drugs
, and about their behavior in relation to women..."

I can tell you this, if this guy was halfway intelligent, he wouldn't write that stuff. But please don't blame it on the drugs! Blame it on him! MGS does not represent all drug users. Drugs don't do stupid things, people do stupid things! That topic seemed like it had very little to do with LSD and more about a sex obsessed loser. I don't know why you tie LSD and that topic together. I can not say if MGS was on LSD when he wrote that, but even if he was, it doesn't matter. Like I have posted before, if someone that can not handle being on drugs takes them, bad things happen. I'm sure you acknowledge Grace took LSD at least once. Why didn't she jump out a window or start saying things like MGS? Because she could handle it. By reading what MGS wrote, I can safely say him and LSD would not mix well. Again, that is not because of LSD or other drugs, but because he is an idiot! A decent person that may take LSD does not act like that! Grace is the perfect example. When it comes to MGS being on this forum, I agree with you, not because he promotes drugs, but because of his comments themselves.

Also, I don't think that drugs are fun, especially in this day and age. I have done research on how a microscopic amount of LSD can have an effect all over the brain and body. Chemicals like that can be very dangerous, and as a fellow scientist with Hofmann, I understand what he meant when he said that many people in the sixties were misusing it. I don't believe Grace misused it though.

Let me tell you a little bit about where I live. It is a very dangerous neighborhood. It is not a good place to live, but that's the way things are. Nightly, there are groups of men and women walking down the street as if they are in a gang. Two minutes from my house are a lot of empty apartments, and who knows what goes on in them. A few weeks ago, there were eight gunshots at two in the morning. All of these occurences, I am sure, are these people trying to get drugs or drug money. I suspect the house right outside my window is a crack house. Those people are the lowest scum in my opinion. When my mother goes to get cigarettes late at night, I can easily imagine the scenario occuring that you posted earlier, CD. It is very scary, trust me! They don't care about anything other than getting their crack and wasting their mind away. If I want to die, I could go talk to someone right outside my house. If he doesn't kill me, I know the shit he sells will, it is not Owsley LSD or any thing pure. Only drugs laced with who knows what. If anything could change my mind about drugs, it would be them, but then I think about the Airplane, Woodstock, and what drugs used to mean and what they could offer in the right circumstances. They don't mean the same now, I know.

The only reason why I even discuss the topic of drugs on this forum is because I believe they played a huge role in developing the Airplane message that was expressed in their music. Since you have made it clear that your priority is mainly the music itself, which is fine, and not necessarily its message, I don't feel like it is any use to argue about this anymore. In your book, people like me will probably always be grouped in the same category as that pervert MGS. I just try to learn as much as I can from the Airplane.
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Re: ONE Single Simple Question !

Postby psychhead on Fri May 16, 2008 12:20 pm

8) My 2 cents: the reason why I have always liked psychedeilc music which incidentally DOES NOT mean music for junkies, like MOST SQUARES think! :evil: :shock: :roll: :roll: , is because I see it as music to have fun with ....to love your lady with (or man if you're a lady)....to stuff what yoiu think in the LOUSY faces of the squares and politicos out there...and so on! If musiìc is art, so is psychedelia in music! :)

Psychedelic music is IN with time!!
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