I don't know how I did it

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I don't know how I did it

Postby susiepschultz on Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:14 am

:D Hi All! I'm susie and over the hill but still a BIG fan of Jefferson Airplane. How I got to this post box I'll never know. I just clicked away and suddenly I was here. Chesin-please explain it all to me step by step because I've bugged the heck out of Roman and I'm sure he's tired of hearing from me. That "window"song had more than one reference to a window and it's a haunting tune not r&r at all. Sure wish I had something more to offer--maybe there was the word "mirror" in it, too. These are just flashes in my mind. But I'm happy to be here. Anyone can feel free to lead me around so I can get into the swing of things. Thanks. :roll:
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Re: I don't know how I did it

Postby Dormouse on Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:39 pm

Hi Susie, and welcome.

I would like to help with your question, but I'm at a loss. Is it a Jefferson Airplane song you're asking about? I will try to give you an answer.

As for "getting into the swing of things", I'll tell you as soon as I find out :D. Just visit when you can, and join in any conversations. This is a pretty small forum, though. And we been having problems with spamming and there are some in-fighting among some members, so don't let that turn you off!

If you want to try to identify the song you are after, read my other thread:

I hope to be any help!
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Re: I don't know how I did it

Postby eskimoblueday on Sun Apr 06, 2008 9:48 pm

I answered this in another thread, but Susie, is this the song you're looking for? This is "Comin' Back to Me" from the album Surrealstic Pillow.

Comin' Back to Me

The summer had inhaled
And held its breath too long
The winter looked the same
As if it never had gone
And through an open window
Where no curtain hung
I saw you, I saw you
Comin' back to me
One begins to read between
The pages of a look
The shape of sleepy music
And suddenly you're hooked
Through the rain upon the trees
The kisses on the run
I saw you, I saw you
Comin' back to me
You came to stay and live my way
Scatter my love like leaves in the wind
You always say you won't go away
But I know what it always has been
It always has been
A transparent dream
Beneath an occasional sigh
Most of the time
I just let it go by
Now I wish it hadn't begun
I saw you, yes, I saw you
Comin' back to me
Strolling the hills
Overlooking the shore
I realize I've been here before
The shadow in the mist
Could have been anyone
I saw you, I saw you
Comin' back to me
Small things like reasons
Are put in a jar
Whatever happened to wishes
Wished on a star?
Was it just something
That I made up for fun?
I saw you, I saw you
Comin' back to me

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiZ_XQ9USTs
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Re: I don't know how I did it

Postby gTarFreak on Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:30 pm

And that gets my vote for the all-time best opening line of any song, ever :D

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