What Is Up With Paul?

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What Is Up With Paul?

Postby Don Rico on Tue Jan 04, 2005 9:32 pm

So in another thread, Fidel made a reference to Jack and Jorma being not surprisingly alienated from the whole idea of a potential JA re-reunion due to Kantner's racist and hostile opinions...

We know about the whole

"Q: What would Jesus drive?

A: He would drive all the Christians, Jews and Muslims into the sea!"

Etc. etc. thing...

Which is pretty harsh, indeed. But what other kinds of questionable stuff has he been outbursting lately? What is this about "racism"?

Anyone out there know what is up with our man Paul?


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Postby Fidel on Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:23 am

Back in Dec, Paul went on a rant about "his" song Volunteers being used in an e-trade commercial. I thought it was co written with Marty. Anyway, be began referring to Jorma as Jew-Boy. A few days later he made the infamous post on A Deck, saying all Christians, Jews, & Muslims should be killed- murdered in their beds if necessary. Not a good way to increase your fan base Paul.

Now I'd actually respect the guy if he believes this 7 hass the balls to make that statement on stage at the opening of each JS concert. Would love to see the crowd reaction to that.

Also, Paul no doubt received a royalty check for the use of Volunteers. As he is so angry about it's use did he, refuse the check? donate it for tsunami refief? or put it in the Bank?

Paul's Anger

Postby nadezalli on Thu Jan 13, 2005 10:20 pm

Paul's indignant anger fueled a lot of great tunes, but I think he's either started taking himself too seriously or lost too many brain cells. His comments about using a machine gun to shoot the riser out from under any potential background singers (as J.S. was forming) might have been funny, except I have friends that got weird, paranoid, and violent in their old, druggy days. :roll:
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