Frank Zappa by Grace Slick

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Frank Zappa by Grace Slick

Postby VoodooChile in Wonderland on Tue Dec 21, 2004 12:35 am

When I'm 64? Today would be Zappa's 64th birthday and to remember him I'm gonna show you Zappa as conceived by Grace

Well the airplane's done it
No... It wasn't the airplane it was beauty killed the beast
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Postby Pooneil on Wed Dec 22, 2004 5:06 pm

hey he's from my hometown, anyway, a happy birthday to him & too bad he was so against drugs and other "hippie-esque" ideas, but, hey, the Mothers of Invention weren't bad, and he did do a fair amount for the opposition of the Tipper sticker. Happy 64th Zappa and anyone who names their child Moon Unit or Dweezil should be given some recognition. :)
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Postby nickwishkah on Wed Dec 22, 2004 5:33 pm

Yeah, Zappa was a cool dude. RIP and happy birthday.
Ian Dury came from my hometown. That's the only interesting piece of history around my hometown. Apart from the fact that a German Zeppelin balloon crashed three roads away from my home...and the stuffed body of a two headed lamb that was born here is in a museum...the only two-headed lamb to survive beyond birth even though it was only two or three days. Wow..this place is pretty cool. The two-headed lamb is frightening.


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Postby Spacepig on Mon Jan 03, 2005 10:32 am

I think the second part of "The Saga of Sydney Spacepig" was heavily influenced by Frank Zappa and the Mothers. This song finally saw the light of day in the deluxe edition of "Crown of Creation"
The Saga of Sydney Spacepig
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